Get Involved with #iAMPROUD

I am proud is a new campaign that looks at owning your identity. Being proud of who you are no matter how many flaws you think you may have.

So how do you get involved? There are two ways.

1. Use the #iAMPROUD Hashtag


Take a picture of yourself with the hashtag ‘iAMPROUD’ with you sexuality, gender or identity. Then follow the simple rules below:

  1. Tag us on instagram at @iamproudd
  2. Use the hashtag #iAMPROUD

& That’s it! You will be featured on our gallery as well as on Instagram!

(There is an additional option of emailing us your picture if you don’t use instagram to be featured on our online gallery)

2. Email us your coming out story

Fill out the form below & be featured on our ‘Coming Out Story’ section. Share your story to the world & show us all how proud you are to identify within the LGBTQ+ community.


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